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A Single Tear

A Single Tear was the first song ever to be written by Amy Lee. Amy wrote and recorded it for an English class when she was in the eighth grade.

This song has never been heard in public since Amy was in the eighth grade.

When asked, in an AOL Music interview, if she remembers the first song she ever wrote, she responded with:

"I think so. I don't know which one counts because at first, I thought I wanted to be a classical composer so there's one called 'Eternity of the Remorse.' It's really depressing and very dramatic. [laughs] I have the sheet written out from when I was like eleven. But then the first real song, I wrote for English class in the eighth grade. We either had to write a short story or a song. I was like, "I'm gonna do something nobody else is doing." And I wrote this song and recorded it on a cassette tape, playing guitar and singing with a friend of mine from choir who did back up vocals. It was strange to me and I kinda became obsessed with it because remembering who I was, I was like the quite girl in the corner and then I played the tape and everybody was freaking out. My teacher showed it to all the classes. It was a really cheesy song. It was called 'A Single Tear' ... "Will linger here inside me forever." Seriously, it was so bad but for an eighth grader, they thought it was pretty impressive.”

en fin, no podria traducirles todo lo que dice, porque no se nada de ingles, pero mas o menos, cuenta Amy de su primera cancion... dice algo asi como que tiene registro de cuando escribia a los 11... pero recuerda haber hecho una cancion anterior part la clase de ingles(seria como una clase de lengua para nosotros) cuando iba a 8vo grado... tenia que escribir un cuento o una cancion... ella queria hacer algo diferente a los demas y escribio una cancion la cual grabo en una cinta donde ella se acompañaba con una guitarra y cantaba junto a un compañero del coro
esta info la encontre recien y me parecio muy tierna...
"El permanecer aquí para siempre dentro de mí." es una parte de la cancion...
"Un único lacrimógeno"
ella dice que era muy mala(la cancion)pero que para un 8vo grado fue muy impresionante... su profesora se la mostro a todas las clases
mas linda es Amy^^ la adorooo


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